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Camping off season in France

If you are searching for spots available to go camping during the holidays, we have the perfect place for you: France! The country known for its refined wine also has a tradition of camping, which has been attracting more and more foreigners every year. Keep reading of you want to know why you should go camping during the off-season!

Camping off season in France

The massive popularity of camping in France

Although camping has always been a tradition in France, it has been gaining popularity since the start of the 2000s and records show that there is a new peak in visitor numbers in campsites every year.

Weather it is in a mobile home or in a tent, most French people have at least been camping once in their life. The main reason for this is the price of spots. It varies between 110 and 295 euros for one week, depending on the ratings of the campsite.

Throughout the year, the summer registers the highest attendance levels in campsites. However, as they generally open year-round, more and more people start to go during the weekend to alleviate the stress of the week. Since 2011, the number of nights spent in campsites in France each year has been exceeding the 73 million mark.

This peak in popularity has also greatly been helped by the evolution of camping. Although, a few years back, only tents and mini vans where found in campsites, more comfortable accommodations such as mobile homes are now provided. In most campsites, there are now heated swimming pools, restaurants, cafeterias and several activities for customers. It started a highly profitable business.

Avoid the crowd and enjoy your vacation even more!

Going camping in France is especially profitable during the low season. As almost all French people go camping during the high season (July and August), going camping during the off-season comes with several benefits, the first one being the price. Because of the very few visitors during this period, the price of camping spots tends to be considerably cheaper. On the contrary, during the two hottest months of the year, the prices are at their highest as well.

Secondly, the low season allows you to avoid the gigantic mass of visitors that make sure to go camping every year. In 2014, Insee registered that 56 million of nights were spent in campsites by French people that year, their favourite destination being the Languedoc-Roussillon (a region located in the South of France).

France has a beautiful variety of landscapes to offer. The seasons provide different perspectives of vacations: in winter, mountains are crowded by tourists, whereas, in summer, it is the South of France and the Atlantic coast are the most popular destinations.

If you want to go camping you could go to the Côte d’Azur or to Brittany and enjoy the beach, the sea and the typical landscapes. You could also go a little further from the coast and make the most of it by visiting castles and museums in order to learn more about the history of France.

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