Open from 07/05/2024 to 14/09/2024
Route du Littoral
66700 ARGELES sur MER

Life on the campsite, Environment


At the Soleil camp site, we are constantly trying to do all that we can to protect the environment. 
Each one of us should and must behave in such a way as to preserve nature and show respect to others. 
We need you to participate in this collective effort.


Water is precious – do not waste it (car washing is prohibited). 
Plants and trees are valuable – respect them (do not string washing lines between trees). 
Household rubbish, glass, plastic and other waste must be deposed in the appropriate containers in the car park at the entrance. 
A container for used batteries is available near reception.
The beach is cleaned every day from mid-June to mid-September; twice a week by the local authority and by our staff on the other days.
Chemical WC cassettes may only be emptied into the special emptying sinks provided in each sanitary building.